Introducing Our “Women at Fairgrove” Initiative

Here at Fairgrove, we aim to cultivate an environment where everyone has the support and guidance they need to progress in their careers, deliver outstanding work, and excel both professionally and personally. We are pleased to introduce our new Women at Fairgrove initiative, through which we aim to provide support and guidance to our female employees and encourage creative thinking and fresh perspectives. As part of this, we organise a quarterly “Ladies Lunch Meeting” which brings together all female members of the Fairgrove team in an informal environment, to brainstorm ideas, discuss experiences and share ways to ensure we continue to support our female members at, and outside of, work.

At today’s lunch, aptly timed with International Women’s Day, we discussed an array of topics related to female empowerment, career progression, and negotiations, utilising the expertise and thought leadership of our senior staff. It was also a great opportunity to catch up on all aspects of life, work and non-work related – from our mixed netball game against ECI Partners, restaurant recommendations to upcoming holidays.

As Fairgrove continues to grow, we look forward to continue building on this initiative, retain our diversity and ensure we support our female (and male!) members in their career.

Photo: RawPixel / iStock