Fairgrove’s Climate Positive Workforce

We are pleased to announce that Fairgrove Partners now has a climate positive workforce. Through partnering with Ecologi, we offset emissions from our employees’ personal and professional lives, including emissions from their homes, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies, and many more. 

Ecologi is helping us achieve carbon neutrality by planting trees worldwide, and funding carbon reduction projects from around the world, thus accelerating our transition to a more sustainable future.

In our first month, we planted 250 trees and offset 17.7 tons of CO2. This amount of CO2 is the equivalent of 14 long-haul flights, 53 meters2 of sea ice saved, or 43,814 miles driven in a car. As our company grows, we will continue to keep planting more trees.

Despite this being a small part of what we plan to do in terms of becoming a more sustainable business in the future, this step is hugely important to us.

You can see Fairgrove’s forest here.

Photo: Olena Sergienko / Unsplash.com