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Why Consulting, and How Fairgrove Stands Out

Jolyon Dannatt

Senior Manager

Jolyon discusses his choice of consulting as a career path, and what differentiates Fairgrove from the rest.

What has your career path to date looked like, and what led you to Fairgrove?

I started my career with EY-Parthenon in London, before joining Fairgrove in March 2022. I wanted to be part of a smaller team where I had more control over my own destiny, and more of a balance between client work, building a business, and all the things I enjoy doing outside of work too.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in consulting?

Like lots of people, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do when I finished university, and consulting kept as many doors open as possible. I’m still not overly comfortable with the idea of doing the same job for 40 years, so who knows where I’ll end up, but for now I really enjoy learning about interesting businesses, problem solving, and working with a smart and diverse bunch of people.

What makes Fairgrove different to other consulting firms?

Fairgrove has a collective ambition which is not something I’ve come across before. The team really care about one another, champion each other’s success, and work together to move the business forward. As a high-growth boutique, there’s a real opportunity to suggest internal initiatives and take the business in the direction you want to take it.

What kind of projects do you work on at Fairgrove?

In my first six months, I’ve worked on a combination of growth strategy projects (where I’ve worked closely with management teams and facilitated workshops), and commercial due diligence projects (where I’ve worked closely with investors). I’ve also had the opportunity to pitch to clients, write thought leadership pieces and represent Fairgrove at pool (albeit with mixed results…).

What is your happy place?
On top of a big hill, on my bike, in the sun, enjoying the view (crucially on the way down).

Three words to describe Fairgrove:
Fun, Disruptive, Caring