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We are a people business. Talent is our main source of competitive advantage, so we are always looking for exceptional consultants to join our team. If you are analytical, curious about business, possess strong commercial acumen, have a mania for accuracy, and enjoy working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment, then we would love to hear from you.

If you recognize yourself in the following attributes, you are likely to do well at Fairgrove:

Intellectually curious about business

Everyone here has an excellent academic record. More importantly, we like to ask ‘how?’ and ‘why?’. We enjoy tackling new challenges, learning about new businesses and markets, and solving our clients’ problems.

Strong commercial acumen

The best consultants are quick to ascertain the root cause of why a market is growing or in decline, or why one company outperforms another. Often this is intuitive. In assessing business plans, you need the ability to tell a realistic goal from a pipe dream.


The ability to rapidly forge relationships with clients and their customers is key. Effecting change within an organisation requires empathy, diplomacy and a human touch.

We are an ambitious, high-growth firm, with an informal, entrepreneurial culture and a close-knit team. You will have direct exposure to senior staff and clients from a very early stage, and will gain a huge variety of experience across multiple sectors, solving interesting strategic challenges on a daily basis. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the day-to-day running and development of the firm. We offer competitive remuneration packages, and have a busy social calendar.

Fairgrove’s training comprises two core elements; formal training and on-the-job training.

Formal Training

Fairgrove provides comprehensive in-house training supplemented with online learning. Our approach focuses on continuous improvement and development for consultants at all levels of the firm. Our best-in-class internal training programme focuses on the core elements of strategy consulting and commercial due diligence (CDD) advice and consists of 20+ hours of core modules delivered by partners and senior consultants over a new joiner’s first three weeks at Fairgrove. These cover a broad range of key skills including interviewing, commercial due diligence, and strategy. We focus on continuous improvement and seek to provide additional training as consultants progress through the firm. Additional training is provided on topics such as case team management and business development.

We supplement our in-house training with a structured online training program, providing over 150 hours of training materials on topics such as statistics, financial modelling and data visualisation.

On-the-Job Training

A consultant’s most valuable training is gained on the job. Fairgrove’s project work positions consultants for rapid professional development. Fairgrove’s consultants are exposed to a wide range of industries, business challenges and management teams, so employees will encounter a range of different problems and acquire a strong skillset faster than peers in industry.

Fairgrove are interested in recruiting for the following roles:

  1. Experienced Hire (>12 months experience)
  2. Independent Consultants (project-based)
  3. Customer Insight Consultant (part-time)

Given the very high number of applications that we receive, we may not reply to you unless you meet the following criteria:

  • 1st or 2.1 from a leading University
  • The legal right to live and work in the UK

The following criteria are not strictly necessary but may confer advantage at interview:

  • Prior experience in strategy consulting or in serving a Private Equity client base (particularly for Experienced Hires and Independent Consultants)
  • Fluency in European languages, especially French or German

We aim to reply to all speculative applications through the website – provided that they meet our Application Criteria – within 2 weeks.

To apply for an experienced hire, or independent consultant role, please send your CV with a short covering email to:

To apply for a customer insight consultant role, please follow this link to answer a few short questions, and submit your details.

Customer Insight consultants will work alongside Fairgrove consultants in interviewing the customer sample on projects. We are looking for an individuals to help us conduct these telephone interviews and their transcription and, hopefully, to partner with us over the long-term. It is very important that whoever we work with has experience of B2B interviews as these are markedly different from conducting primary research with consumers.

Graduate applications for our September 2024 intake are now open and will close on the 5th November, 2023. 

Apply here. 


New Associates will form the core of a project from their first day at Fairgrove. On-the-job learning is combined with a formal training programme, designed to give our team members an all-round consulting toolkit. We are supporting our employees by offering online analytics training courses through Kubicle, where each employee has a personalised learning plan for his or her level of knowledge and skill.

Our consultants have graduated in a broad range of subjects, so we welcome applications from undergraduates and postgraduates in any discipline.

We are committed to preventing discrimination in our employment practices by stimulating genuine equality of opportunity. It is our intention that no person will receive less favourable treatment or consideration on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, and that no employee (or potential employee) will be disadvantaged by any terms and conditions of employment or Company policy, procedure or practice which cannot be justified as necessary on operational grounds.