Strategy concerns the allocation of scarce resources to achieve goals. We work with clients to make complex, high-stakes decisions that have a direct impact on sales, profitability, brand equity and customer satisfaction. We quantify the impact of these decisions, and provide the evidence needed to allocate resources to maximum effect. Strategy needs to be clear and unambiguous. It does not need to be complicated. Our strategy work often falls into one of the following categories:


Customer Segmentation & Retention

Frequently businesses do not fully understand why their customers use them, how their customer base segments, and which segments are the most profitable. Through customer interviews, detailed surveys, interrogation of company financial data and advanced analytics, we enable businesses to see where they add value to their customers, and help them to retain those that are most profitable.

Profitable Growth

Maximising shareholder value is the fundamental challenge for any Chief Executive. Fairgrove identifies revenue generation, cost reduction and share gain opportunities to improve client returns at corporate, company and business unit level. We work with clients to assess the relative attractiveness of various possible growth strategies, and develop plans to ensure effective implementation.

New Markets & Opportunities

Fairgrove helps clients to assess the business case for entering new markets, and launching new products and services. This may be for a mature business that appears to have reached a natural ceiling of market share, or for a younger company, breaking ground in a sector where market data are thin or non-existent. We use a range of research and modelling techniques to quantify the barriers to entry and the available returns on investment.

Channel strategy

Choosing the right route to market, fostering channel loyalty and allocating resources across channels can be an ongoing challenge for businesses operating in dynamic, rapidly-evolving markets. Fairgrove works with clients and their partners to build balanced, efficient and profitable channels, including e-commerce and traditional distribution.